Welcome to StephenKates.com! For the better part of a decade, I lived and worked as a financial advisor for two of the largest financial firms in the country. 

After taking leadership positions in various fintech organizations starting in 2018, I returned to the financial planning industry as the founder of Clocktower Financial Consulting and the Head of Financial Planning & Advice for Advisor.  

My experience as an experienced advisor, writer, and fintech professional gives me a diverse perspective on client-focused financial planning and building successful B2B/B2C fintech businesses.

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Stephen's Story

Stephen Kates is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and personal finance expert who specializes in financial planning and education.  Stephen is the Principal and Founder of Clocktower Financial Consulting and the Head of Financial Planning for Advisor.  His passion for financial literacy stems from witnessing friends and family struggle to manage their finances during the 2008 financial crisis while feeling hopeless about his own financial prospects after graduating from college in that same environment.  

Starting in 2011, Stephen began working his way up the ranks as a financial advisor in Boston, MA.  As a financial advisor for two of the largest financial firms in the country, Fidelity Investments, and TIAA-CREF,  Stephen has worked with hundreds of clients to build comprehensive financial plans to grow and protect their wealth.  In addition to his work as an advisor, Stephen has taught and coached youth and adult groups on the basics of personal finance, including topics such as saving, debt management, investing, and retirement planning. 

Since leaving his position as a full-time financial advisor, Stephen has worked at the major personal finance brand, Bankrate.com, led partner strategy for Trellis Connect, and now runs Clocktower Financial Consulting.  Stephen's in-depth financial planning and fintech business experience has made him a resource for advisors and individuals alike.  In addition to his own writing, he has appeared on national broadcast media and has been quoted in leading digital publications.  

Stephen holds a B.S. in Economics from Trinity College (Hartford, CT) and has been a CFP® professional since 2013.  As a financial advisor, Stephen received Excellence in Action awards for his client service and is ranked highly among his peers as a mentor, coach, and financial expert.  

Stephen currently lives and works in Charlotte, NC with his wife Kate and son Theodore.  He is a passionate Boston sports fan, but still relishes the local football and baseball games in his adopted home.  Stephen is an avid traveler and enjoys collecting local artwork while traveling with his family.  

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