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Media Interviews

NTD Evening News; SPAC Mergers and Trump Media and Technology [03/22/2024]

Assets and Orthopedics Podcast; Do physicians need a financial planner? [10/14/2023]

ABC News Houston, TX; Discussing home insurance and personal finance [02/12/2021]

Fox Business, Mornings With Maria Show; Reviewing home and auto insurance [01/04/2021]

American Viewpoints; Necessity of reviewing insurance policy documents [12/1/2020]

Media Features

GoBankingRates; I’m a Retirement Planner: Here’s How To Calculate Your FIRE Number [05/04/2024]

Yahoo Finance; Retired but Still Making Passive Income? 6 Ways To Build Generational Wealth [05/02/2024]

US News; Pros and Cons of Using a Fee-Only Financial Planner [04/29/2024]

Newsweek; Young Americans Face Bleak Tax Future [04/28/2024]

CBS News; 3 things to do if interest rate cuts are delayed, according to experts [04/25/2024]

International Business Times; Bitcoin And Crypto Price Review - Another Myth Gets Busted? [04/24/2024]

GoBankingRates; Indebted Millennials Will Soon Inherit a Gold Rush of Wealth: 7 Ways They Can Manage It [04/22/2024]

GoBankingRates; What Happens to an Annuity When You Die? [04/22/2024]

US News; Is the 60/30/10 Budget Rule Replacing the 50/30/20? Experts Hope Not [04/19/2024]

Comparison Advisor; Cash and Cash Equivalents: What to Know  [04/19/2024]

NASDAQ; If You’re a Millennial, Here Are 4 Signs You Can’t Afford To Retire Early  [04/18/2024]

GoBankingRates; More Americans Are Worried About Running Out of Retirement Funds Than Dying, Survey Reveals [04/16/2024]

CNN; 6 strategies for building wealth in your 30s [04/12/2024]

CBS News; What are the cheapest ways to get out of debt? Here's what experts say [04/12/2024]

GoBankingRates; Karine Jean-Pierre Says the Economy Is Going in the Right Direction — But Why Don’t Americans Feel It In Their Wallets? [04/10/2024]

Yahoo Finance; Americans Want Pensions To Make a Comeback. Will They? [04/09/2024]

Newsweek; America's Social Security Timebomb [04/09/2024]

GoBankingRates; How Much Crypto Should Be a Part of Your Retirement Portfolio? [04/09/2024]

Consumer Affairs; If the Economy Isn’t Bad, Why Does It Feel Like It Is? [04/08/2024]

GoBankingRates; Experts Say This Magic Number Is the Key to Any Successful Investment Portfolio [04/05/2024]

GoBankingRates; Experts Explain: Should You Ever Borrow From Your 401(k) To Pay Bills? [04/03/2024]

GoBankingRates; 7 Rules Every Crypto Investor Should Follow [04/01/2024]

CNET; Gen Z Is Making Boomer Financial Trends Hot Again. Are They Really That Deep? [03/28/2024]

US News; Should You Consult a CFP or CPA to Plan for Retirement? [03/28/2024]; 4 Reasons Why A Smart Bitcoin Investment Makes Sense for Your Child’s Future [03/22/2024]

Newsweek; Millennial Mom Compares Her Life to Boomer Parents': 'Math Ain't Mathin'' [03/15/2024]

Yahoo Finance; Not Sure How You’ll Retire in 10 Years? I’m a Financial Planner: Here’s My Advice [02/07/2024]; Using an Annuity to Pay Your Mortgage in Retirement [01/31/2024]; Using Home Equity to Fund Your Retirement Account [01/31/2024]

US News; If I Buy a $750K Annuity, What Will It Pay Annually?  [01/24/2024]

GoBankingRates; What Will Retirement Look Like in 2050? [08/23/2023]

Yahoo Finance; 5 Baby Boomer Money Mistakes That Millennials Are Repeating — and How To Fix Them [07/28/2023]

USA Today; HSA contribution limits for 2023 and 2024 [05/31/2023]

The Signal; The Multi-Portfolio Strategy for Managing Your Wealth Responsibly [05/23/2022]

CNBC; Wrecks, DUIs, and low credit scores [04/01/2021] &

Contributing Writer; Where To Put Money After Retirement [11/13/2023]; Life Insurance as an Investment [11/07/2023]; How Do Annuities Affect Social Security Retirement Benefits? [10/30/2023]; Contingent Deferred Annuities (CDAs) [10/23/2023]; How To Find an Old Annuity [09/112023]; Common Retirement Mistakes and How To Avoid Them [09/06/2023]; Life Insurance vs. Disability Insurance [08/15/2023]; Qualifying for Life Insurance With a Disability [06/05/2023]; TRICARE For Life and Medicare [05/08/2023]; Insurer Insolvency [02/06/2023]

Featured; Mental Health and Finances in Underserved Communities [11/14/2023]; Estate Planning for Parents of Disabled Children [11/07/2023]; The Best CD Rates in New York [11/02/2023]; Trust-Owned Annuities [10/30/2023]; Period Certain Annuity [09/27/2023]; How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? [07/24/2023]; Buying an Annuity for Children [06/30/2023]; Understanding Dividend Yield for Retirees [05/23/2023]; Retirement Bucket List [05/22/2023]

Contributing Writer

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Ask Bankrate; Stimulus checks, Social Security, and Annuities [05/22/2020] 

Ask Bankrate; APY vs APR [05/01/2020] 

Ask Bankrate; Reversing a required distribution from an inherited IRA [04/24/2020]