Financial Fiction Friday #17

CNBC Doesn't Believe in Inflation

@ConsultingHumor doing my job for me this week.

CNBC is still undefeated for freezing cold personal finance takes. The longer you look the worse it gets.

Where is this enviable 25 y/o living where they can pay $825 in rent and make $100k? Only nine US states have median rent at $825 or below. $100k income for a 25 y/o is certainly not the norm anywhere. Maybe this lucky person works for the famed Goldman Sachs Investment Banking division of Jackson, Mississippi.

Who is spending $40/mo on a cell phone plan? Is CNBC aware only seniors can get Consumer Cellular?

$30 for a house cleaner? Pump those numbers up.

I think a more likely version would mean doubling every number, cutting the income in half, and eliminating "Donations". The IRS is the only charity most people can afford to support.

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