Financial Fiction Friday #8

Easy to Hate, Hard to Duplicate

I'm pretty sure this must be satire since this is one of the coldest, lamest financial takes I've seen on the internet.  However, if it is serious it deserves all the disdain you can muster.

First of all, 8 out of 10 millionaires have a 401(k) so just stop it*. 

Most 401(k) plans come with a company match on your money which is by definition free money.  This financial whiz is above free money?  Ridiculous.  

Don't have a company match you say? Here, enjoy the opportunity to defer up to $20,500 (or $27,000 when you're over 50) in either pre-tax or post-tax contributions.  

I'd love to know the saving and investing alternative this clown believes is better.  Maybe this is just a subtle swipe at W-2 workers who aren't "hustling" hard enough?  When you run your own business you can contribute up to $61,000 (or $67,000 when you're over 50)!  But that's also a 401(k) plan (the solo-401(k) kind).  

Slow and steady wins the race for most people.  Don't knock it till you try it.  

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