Financial Fiction Friday #25

It's A Trap

This is your End of 2022 reminder that there is no secret sauce to succeeding at saving or investing.  If you see impressive "results" on the internet, it's probably not real.  Bear markets and recessions are prime hunting grounds for disillusioned investors who can be scammed especially after the 2020-2022 rollercoaster we've been on.  

If these ForEx/Crypto/NFT/Real Estate/Options gurus were so good at it, they wouldn't be selling "secrets" through the internet for money.  

You would be better off speaking to a professional advisor who is a fiduciary* and can offer you verifiable and reputable advice.  

*Fiduciary [fi·du·ci·ar·y]: A fiduciary is someone who manages money or property for someone else. When you are named a fiduciary, you are required by law to manage the person’s money and property for their benefit, not yours.   Learn more at

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